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The eVSM software is the easiest way to visualize the value stream. This leading "drag & drop" value stream mapping, analysis and management capability is used today by 4000+ lean practitioners in 42 countries and in 20% of the Fortune 500. The latest eVSM release includes a new icon set specifically for Lean practitioners in healthcare.

For those who have started using the A3 problem solving tool, eVSM includes an integrated eA3 module which is the answer to electronic sharing of A3 reports, a great advance beyond scanning pencil-drawn documents

eVSM is accompanied by a full eLearning site and available 2 day public or on-site hands-on workshop using a patient wait time simulation adapted from actual work at a US hospital. The workshop is a great way to start a process team with the Lean VSM and A3 Report methodologies and provide them the appropriate training and tools. Below are some comments on the software from healthcare professionals who have attended the eVSM "hands-on" workshop:

"The eVSM tool looks to be extremely useful for providing pictorial evidence of process mapping and a way to add data to validate the information"

"Package looks brilliant, clearly designed for the job.. could save a lot of time on big process maps"

Click here for a 6 minute animated demonstration of eVSM.

The eVSM software is developed independently by GumshoeKI, a visual communications company and a Microsoft Visio Solutions partner. For technical questions please call GumshoeKI at +1 513 258 8540.

eVSM allows lean healthcare practitioners to:

  • Draw value stream maps easily
  • Communicate maps easily in electronic format
  • Analyze maps visually and via an integrated spreadsheet
  • Drill down from high level maps to detail maps
  • Identify problems in the value stream
  • Create A3 Reports to solve the problem in a structured manner


The drawing process is made easier with features such as automatic snap-to positioning of icons and library of healthcare people, departments and items.

Click to read a list of Frequently Asked Questions about eVSM

Mapping Examples
Click to download a PDF file showing sample healthcare maps drawn in eVSM:

A high level map showing patient wait times from admitting to "in-room" eVSM Value Stream Map

A detailed map for the "Locate Room" sub-process

eVSM Value Stream Map

An A3 Report related to improving the process

eVSM Value Stream Map

New License Pricing & Volume Discounts
A new license of the eVSM software is available for $448.00. Both Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Excel are prerequisites for eVSM. A discount of 10% is automatically applied on any single eVSM order of 10 or more new licenses and a 20% discount on any single order of 50 or more new licenses. (Software is not returnable after the package seal is broken).

Trial License of eVSM
Click to try eVSM free for 30 days.

The license fee includes support for the latest version of the eVSM software directly from the developer, GumshoeKI, which has years of experience developing and supporting Visio-based software. GumshoeKI is a member of Microsoft Corporation's Visio Partner Program. The support desk number is +1 513 258 8540. The software has a full eLearning site for ease of deployment.

Click to visit the eVSM eLearning site.

If you already have a license for an older version of the eVSM software you will get E-mail notification as updates become available for purchase. If you have any questions, please send them to or call the eVSM support desk at (513) 258-8540.

Software Prerequisites
1. Microsoft Visio 2002 (or later version). Both Visio Standard and Visio Professional are supported. Visio Professional is recommended for practitioners who wish to leverage Visio for floor layout plans in addition to value-stream maps. 2. Microsoft Excel 97 or later version. You can order new copies of Visio and Excel or upgrade from prior releases from sites that sell Microsoft products like also has an international button to allow you to purchase from the family of global Amazon sites.

Computer System Requirements
eVSM is currently supported on Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP.

List Price: $448.00
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