GB Healthcare

Lean Healthcare West (LHW) is now offering Green Belt Lean Healthcare Certification Programs. Two courses will be offered prior to the 7th Annual Lean Healthcare Leadership Retreat from April 4-8, 2011 in Kona, Hawaii 

The Green Belt Lean Certification for Healthcare© course is created specifically for healthcare managers, executives, process improvement specialists, and quality leaders interested in using Lean to improve the delivery of care in their organization. Focus on engaging staff, deeply understanding the current condition of work and developing a future state will enhance healthcare processes and patient satisfaction. 
Green Belt Lean Certification for Healthcare©  include the 5-day course and requires a completed project to demonstrate competency and application of Lean concepts.
Below are the Lean topics covered in the Green Belt Certification Course:
  ·       Overview of Lean and its many applications to healthcare
·       Recognizing waste in everyday work
·       The power of direct observation
·       Value stream mapping (Current and Future State)
·       Development of a future state plan
·       A3 problem solving
·       Other Lean tools and techniques
To facilitate adult learning, the course will include the following teaching methods:
·       Lectures
·       Demonstrations
·       Videos
·       Hands-on practice
·       Simulations
·       Course participation/discussions
·       Individual coaching
During the course each participant is expected to identify a Lean project and begin to outline the work that must be done to complete that project using the LHW Green Belt Lean Certification for Healthcare Workbook©.   After the conclusion of the 5-day course, participants have 90 days to complete their Lean project and submit the workbook as documentation of their project. Upon approval of the submission, the participant will be awarded a certificate of competency for  “Green Belt Lean Certification for Healthcare”.
The Green Belt Lean Certification Course is a fantastic way to gain Lean knowledge and earn certification with the coaching of seasoned Lean Healthcare West instructors.   Space is limited to 16 participants, register soon!
Attendees of the Green Belt Lean Healthcare Certification courses also receive free registration for the 7th Annual Lean Healthcare Leadership Retreat ($1500 value). Be sure to register for the certification course first to receive your promo code and proceed to the conference registration to avoid being charged.