Lean within the Emergency Department
Presenter:  Susan Sheehy

Monday July 9, 2012  
Noon EDT (9:00am PDT, 10:00am MDT, 11:00am CDT)
Webinar: 60 minutes total time


The Emergency Department is often thought to be the busiest department in any hospital. It is touched by and touches every other department in the hospital. Patients arrive unplanned and unscheduled.  Amidst the organized chaos, it becomes essential to eliminate everything that does not add value to the patient’s ED visit. By adopting Lean philosophy and Lean methodologies, you can progress on your Lean journey towards an Emergency Department that is safe, effective, efficient, defect-free, and caring. This webinar will present a methodical approach to evaluating your department’s current state and preparing future state maps and doing A3 Problem-Solving and other Lean activities to achieve these goals.