Webinars on Lean and Work Safety
 Join Susan Murphey, healthcare work safety specialist, for a fun and informative introduction to applying lean concepts to work safety in healthcare.  What greater waste is there than losing skilled staff to preventable work-related injuries?!

Session III:  Engaging Staff in Creating Sustainable Work Safety
75 minutes total time--content repeated on three separate dates for your convenience
Thursday, 4/30-9:00 am PST (10:00 am MST/11:00 am CST/12:00 pm EST)
Thursday, 5/14-9:00 am PST (10:00 am MST/11:00 am CST/12:00 pm EST)
Thursday, 5/28-9:00 am PST (10:00 am MST/11:00 am CST/12:00 pm EST)

As with any lean practice, successful work safety programs require management support and meaningful employee engagement.  Safety and productivity increase when a systematic approach is used to avoid work-related injury.  Modified applications of lean practices allow you to create a predictable plan of action in prevention, reporting and case management of injuries, providing both the worker and the employer the confidence that issues will be effectively resolved.  A clearly defined, systematic approach to work safety also provides the pathway for on-going problem solving to continue, thus creating a sustainable work safety program. 

Susan will discuss the following:
•    Tools for actively involving staff in work safety
•    Using A3 thinking to create a participatory approach and sense of ownership in safe work practices
•    Achieving staff buy-in of changes recommended for safety with a 5 Why? approach

 There will be an interactive Q/A breaks at the end of the webinar.
 All participants will receive a discussion document via email.
 Register for the date that best suits your schedule.

Susan Murphey is a Certified Ergonomic Compliance Director and Ergonomics Evaluation Specialist.  Susan has completed extensive Work Injury Prevention and Applied Workplace Ergonomics’ training.   She is founder of Essential Ergonomics, a published author and speaker in ergonomics, work wellness and process management programs.