Sue Sheehy

 Webinar -  5 Star Emergency Department
Susan Sheehy

Join Susan Sheehy, nationally and internationally known expert in emergency care, for a fun and informative introduction to applying lean concepts to create a five-star emergency department.

Creating a Lean Five Star Emergency Department
75 minutes total time
Tuesday, 4/7 – Noon EST (9:00am PST, 10:00am MST)

In this webinar, Susan Sheehy will present the components for creating a 5 Star Emergency Department. She will begin with an overview of the current demands and issues facing today’s emergency departments, including what patients want.

She will walk the participants through the steps to plan for a 5 Star ED, including
conducting an ED Current State Survey, using a modified Delphi technique to establish a priority grid, and determining the order of value stream mapping.
The key aspects of value stream mapping and future state mapping will be reviewed.

She will present a case study, “Major Trauma Patient Throughput in the ED,”
Using value stream mapping and A3 problem-solving.  In addition, she will discuss the value of the ENA Staffing Guidelines, zone/team staffing, spaghetti mapping, assessing room utilization, standardizing treatment rooms, specialty cart systems, 5S’ing the ED, patient tracking boards, and flagging.

Susan Sheehy, PhD©, RN, FAAN, FAEN, is a nationally and internationally known emergency nurse. Her experience includes work as a staff nurse, head nurse, clinical nurse specialist, department and division director in emergency, trauma, and flight nursing both in the military and civilian sectors. She is the author/editor of three emergency nursing/trauma textbooks (12 editions) and over 80 journal articles and she is a widely sought-after speaker for conferences around the globe.  Susan is currently the Director of Education Programs for Lean Healthcare West.