Allied Arts Guild, Menlo Park

Introduction to LEAN for HEALTHCARE2 day Workshop 

Instructors:  Cindy Jimmerson & Elsa Mersereau
This course will introduce the participant to valuable but simple tools for analyzing, understanding and redesigning work processes. Opportunities to reduce wasted patient and worker time, dissatisfaction and potential errors will become apparent. 
An understanding of applying these tools to healthcare and the many environments in which they can succeed will be explored. Participants will come away with a new way to look at work and be prepared to evaluate whether this is a good fit for their organization.
If you are already engaged in Lean and are looking for a method to extend this practice to the frontline, this course will help you.   Participants will learn tools to incorporate problem solving and continuous improvement in daily work.
Lecture and practice: 8:30am-4:00 pm
·      Overview, why TPS/Lean for healthcare
·      Value Stream Mapping (VSM)
·      You will learn about and create:
o   current state map of a work process
o   future state map
o   future state plan
·      How to use VSMs for understanding work processes, improving those processes, planning new processes, communicating your new understanding to others
Value stream mapping allows you to see, through direct observation, all the steps in the request and delivery of a specific product or service. It documents time and motion, and unlike a flow chart, exposes when nothing is happening to move the process along. This enables you to recognize opportunities to reduce waste and delays and to standardize processes that support workers in doing their good work.
Value stream mapping is a refreshing and objective approach to reducing waste and confusion, involving the people doing the work. This is a view of a work process from 10,000 feet.
Lecture and practice: 8:30am-4:00 pm  
·      Overview, TPS/Lean approach to solving specific problems in the course of work
·      A3 problem solving and report writing
·      You will learn:
o   How to identify problems that can be addressed using the A3 process
o   How to create an A3 report for problem solving and reporting
o   Ways to use the A3 process as a management tool
o   Communication of improvements using the A3 process
The A3 is an objective, pencil and paper tool designed to solve small specific problems. It defines the current condition and looks at the root cause of the issue. The A3 also guides the user to define clear steps to implement changes and builds accountability. All work done on A3s is validated with the staff and encourages communication between workers and departments. 
A3s are a simple and effective way to truly understand the way work happens now and how it can be redesigned effectively. This is a view of a work process under a microscope. 
If you are interested in attending only 1 of the 2 days, please contact Elsa at or 406.258.6535.