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Partnerships Excel, DDC Journal
- Tom Sparrow & Viva Swanson

Practitioner Perceptions of the A3 Method for Process Improvement in Health Care 
- John Visich and Agnela Wicks, Bryant University

Recognizing Excellence in Managment Thinking, HBR

- Winners 2005: The 47th Annual McKinsey

US Nursing Shortage
- Cindy Jimmerson & Kristian Nunnellee, University of Montana

The Health Factory, New York Times

- Steven J. Spear  

Lean Health Care? It Works!, Industry Week

-  Patricia Panchak

Leaning Toward Lean,

- Clear Thinking For Better Health(Care)

A3 Problem Solving: Simplicity at Work, Society Manufacturing Engineers
- Cindy Jimmerson

National Science Foundation Grant

- Cindy Jimmerson & Durward Sobek

Upper Allegheny Health System - Quarterly Lean Newsletter
- Grace Dailey, Process Improvement Manager

NWRPCA Handout
- Evely Seibel

Careful Choreography - Best Practices for Integrating Lean in the Medical Design Process
- Barb Anderson & Elsa Mersereau