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With all of the issues facing Emergency Departments, such as higher acuity patients, longer lengths of stay, boarding admitted patients, lack of primary care resources, increasing uninsured and underinsured patients, the nursing shortage, and demand for more rapid, protocol-driven care, we must be relentless at eliminating waste while improving the quality of care we deliver. This task is not an easy one, and will require a singular focus on lean for all aspects of the Emergency Department.

The 5 Star Emergency Department program uses Lean thinking to help staff create a department that improves patient flow, boosts worker productivity, reduces errors, and increase patient satisfaction.   

The program is offered in three phases:
Phase 1 – The Emergency Department Current State Survey
Phase 2 – Onsite Operations and Clinical Assessment/Analysis       
·         Patient Throughput       
·         Policies and Procedures
·         Staffing/Scheduling/Assignments/Staff Travel
·         Inventory, Room Set Up, Utilization, Layout Analysis
·         Special Programs Analysis (e.g., FAST Track, Cardiac, Trauma)
·         Detailed Summary Report and Onsite Presentation
Phase 3 – Emergency Department Lean Education and Implementation
·         Option One: reVIEW© Course
                        Meets once a week for seven weeks
                        16 participants per course
·         Option Two: Green Belt Lean Certification Course©
                        Four consecutive days of class and project work afterwards
                        16 participants per course
This program can be modified to meet an organization’s unique needs.
Methods include:
·         Remote and onsite analysis, observations, and interviews
·         On-site reviews, education programs, Lean certification
·         Project planning by frontline ED staff
·         Webinars
·         Onsite and remote coaching of Lean improvement work

 To learn more about our Lean Emergency Department Program, call us at (406) 258-6535 or email