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Lean Healthcare West offers a program designed specifically for the Operating Room and Surgical Services.  The program focuses on operational improvement using Lean thinking and methods for all departments within Perioperative Services.  Included are directed activities regarding patient flow, supply chain, and facility design.   

Each module includes the following content:
•    Introduction and explanation of “Why Lean for the OR?”
•    Description of key Lean methods and tools
•    Examples of application of Lean concepts in specific focus areas
•    Recommendations on key metrics for each focus area
•    Case studies of Lean improvements within the Perioperative Services
•    Discussion of the relationship between Perioperative Services best practices and Lean

As with all services offered by Lean Healthcare West, this program will be modified to meet the unique needs of each organization.   

Implementation methods include:
•    Customized on-site training  (with OR specific training material)
•    On-site implementation of Lean methods
•    Webinars
•    Individual coaching (on-site or webinar)
•    Remote review of improvement work
•    Lean certification for staff

It is always our goal to build internal capacity to insure sustainability of Lean as a method of improvement.  Therefore, the option to train internal coaches to continue to spread Lean is also available with this program.

Our clients who have used this program have seen the following results, some or all of which you could anticipate :
•    Increased patient satisfaction
•    Improved first case start accuracy
•    Improved Surgical Care Improvement Project composite score
•    Increased suite utilization
•    Reduced turnover time
•    Improved inventory turns
•    Reduced inventory costs
•    Increased staff satisfaction
•    Reduced flash sterilization rate

If you are interested in learning more about the Lean for the Operating Room program call the office at 406-258-6535 or email Elsa Mersereau at

About Elsa Mersereau:

Elsa Mersereau has multiple years of experience applying Lean to the Operating Room.  She enjoys working with all areas of healthcare but has a passion for Perioperative Services. 

Elsa came to Lean Healthcare West after working as a Lean Coach in a large community hospital system in Denver, Colorado.  She was fortunate enough to be the dedicated Lean resource to Perioperative Services where she gained valuable experience working with pre-surgery, the operating room, the recovery room, and the sterile processing department.  Prior to the hospital in Denver, Elsa worked at the University of Michigan Hospital and Health System applying Lean to surgical services within their large academic health system. 

Elsa received her Industrial Engineering (IE) degree from the University of Michigan College of Engineering.  Her IE background and manufacturing experience has provided her a unique perspective on the application of Lean manufacturing concepts to healthcare.