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We believe that Lean should be easy to learn and simple to implement across any organization.  The goal of Lean is to recognize the tremendous experience stored in front line workers and to give them the problem solving skills to remove any barriers preventing them from delivering exceptional care.  The reVIEW©  Program was created by healthcare professionals to turn staff into continuous improvement champions to fix problems like readmissions, poor ED flow, excess wait times, poor supply chains and surgical bottlenecks.  The keys to successful transformation are in your staff and we will show you how to create internal capacity for change.

Lean Education & Implementation
The reVIEW© Program follows the learning by doing philosophy.  Participants apply what they are learning week-by-week to a process they choose to improve.  At the completion of the reVIEW© Program, participants will have applied Lean thinking within their own organization resulting in measurable improvements and savings created as they learn

Through the reVIEW© Program hospitals learn to:
     - Create a more defect-free product or service
     - Reduce/eliminate waste and increase efficiency (cost and time)
     - Increase patient and employee satisfaction
     - Increase patient safety
     - Enhance leadership and communication skills

Sample reVIEW
© Program Timeline*       
*As with all Lean thinking, the model above is flexible.  A custom implementation can easily be made with adjustments for other healthcare environments, volume, and resources. 
In addition to preparing staff to become problem solvers and process thinkers, the reVIEW© Program trains internal staff as Lean instructors.  This internal capacity provides the ability to continue to spread Lean in your organization indefinitely without being dependent on external consultants.
The reVIEW© Program is the easiest path to creating a self-sufficient Lean hospital.